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Beach House Furniture and Decor Ideas

There is something very appealing about the easy, breezy beach house style. There is always a sweet feeling when you step into a beach house. It could be the sea air and soothing sounds of waves, but let’s not talk about the beach house furniture and decor.

From the casual layering of no-frills furnishings made of natural materials to the bangs of fun color and calm discoveries from nature. 

Furthermore, the fascinating coastal and nautical elements found in incredible beach retreats, such as framed seascape wall art, seashell-adorned mirrors and accomplices, ship-worthy lighting, and brass finishes, to top it all, all shades of blue.

This article will give insight into beach house furniture and decor ideas to design your space. 

Beach house decor

Beach House Furniture and Decors Ideas

In this section, we will be listing some of the best beach houses that have been designed that you can adopt.

Dining with A View

A wall of floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding doors has brought all eyes to the prize in this dreamy dining room. Breezy tie-top curtains made from 100-year-old French sheets found at the Brimfield antique shows can be used to add softness. 

Adding to the house’s casual look, a lightweight lantern hangs above the generous dining table rather than a chandelier. Pillows made from vintage barkcloth fabric add feminine patterns to the mix of natural wicker chairs.

Effortless Mix of Old and New

In this beach house, the designer believes in layering rooms with that just-right piece of vintage furniture or collection of vintage art. Still, he equally adopts the practicality and accessibility of mass merchant discoveries.

Here, in the living room of his coastal retreat, the scene is set by topping an economical jute rug with a striking white-and-blue lined dhurrie rug.

Beach house

For the comfortable seating arrangement, the factory dolly-turned-coffee table was joined with slip-covered seating and an indoor or outdoor wicker chair.

This type of beach house furniture has been adopted over the years and is still very elegant today. 

Nautical Influence

An airy bedroom was a dark hole due to its knotty pine surround. Sharp, bright white paint from ground to ceiling quickly transformed the small space, providing a blank backdrop for the homeowner’s layers of sea-flaring themed furnishings such as nautical flags, anchor pillows, and pockets.

This space looks simple and, at the same time, classy with beach house furniture and color.

Laid-Back Furnishing

With the beach practically at the back of the house, this soft and pretty living room with a floor-to-ceiling door needed to withstand wet swimsuits and sandy feet.

This problem is solved by the arrangement of furnishings in a mixture of durable and worry-free materials, which include a sisal rug that easily handles traffic, a well-worn wood coffee table that accommodates propped-up feet, and coaster-free drinks. 

More so, both the vintage bamboo seat with its washable cushion coats and the deep slip-covered sofa provide swimsuit-friendly seating.

This beach house furniture is very beautiful and conducive. 

DIY Lattice Headboard

With just a few easy steps, the ordinary home-improvement store garden lattice becomes a distinctive headboard. 

Pair lattice headboards with white sheets and pillows for a beautiful beach house furniture feel. Small framed prints of waterfowl can be added too.

Whimsical Color

From the colorful vintage touches, like oversized plastic red-and-blue chairs, to the boldly blazed rug, this house’s beach furniture is top-tier. 

Colors can make your house look bright, and the sea view makes it look relaxing. 

Room With a View

In the m bedroom of a particular beach home, a pair of chairs covered in sun-like yellow matelassé swivel to face the dock. A stunning model sailboat restates the home’s coastal location. The room’s walls are painted “Icy Morn” by Benjamin Moore.

If you are looking for another simple, classy beach house furniture idea, you should consider this one.

White Shiplap

White paint on the wall gives a great beachy vibe, but how do you make an all-white room feel comfortable? The answer is simply texture. The owner of a particular Tennessee home bolstered the kitchen’s lived-in feel with shiplap paneling. 

His idea was that the wood walls keep things from feeling sterile. An assortment of honey-hued wooden accents was also introduced to warm up the look.

Natural Wood Accent

White is a come color that suits beach houses. Develop a visual interest in an all-white room by adding discerning natural wood details, like rustic ceiling beams, vent hood trim, and barn-inspired X-brace island. 

Woven basket pendant lights add additional beauty. This set of beach house furniture is relatively cost-efficient depending on the space.

Shades of Gray

An interior designer used two different grey-green for the cabinets in the kitchen of her summer cottage. She used the Gray Cashmere by Benjamin Moore up top and November Rain by Benjamin Moore below as the beach house furniture and decor.  

The marble tile backsplash comprises the kitchen’s many hues and loosely resembles life buoys.

Water-Friendly Furnishings

Another beach house furniture is to furnish the living room with outdoor furnishings that can handle wet swimsuits and still be stylish at the same time. A wicker sectional sofa and a weather-resistant rug are the answer. 

Built-in cubbies to reserve beach blankets and fishing gear, and a ladder leads to a sleeping loft. The walls should preferably be painted white.

 A Pop of Color

A melon-colored coffee table by Seabrook Classics pops against an arrangement of neutral-colored seating cans placed in the room. This is one of the coolest beach house furniture. A professional fabric-treatment firm’s vinyl coating should be used to protect the upholstery from wet swimsuits.

Coastal Collections

The stair landing in this seaside house doubles as a mini museum of regional coastal tools, including a cranberry rake, a hook lobster trap, and glass floats. 

The caged onion-pendant light discovered at Val Maitino Antiques should be installed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some frequently asked questions on beach house furniture and their answers. 

How do you build a beach-like house vibe?

Choose a breezy bedroom touch. Keep the palette light and airy and the room uncluttered. Use breezy white curtains, whitewashed wood, and fresh flowers. Perhaps get a fun hanging chair or an armchair and pouf to put your feet up. Choose what looks beautiful to you and let the rest go.

What makes a house feel like a beach?

Wicker baskets, sisal rugs, rustic wood tones, driftwood, and cedar shingles are all-natural components that give your space a beachy or waterside feel. Bamboo shades are also a good addition to the living room.

What makes a house look coastal?

A coastal layout usually incorporates many natural components to create a relaxed, easy vibe. This comes through beach house furniture, often made of wicker, rattan, light, weathered woods, and fabrics. Rugs are commonly straw, seagrass, or jute, and fabrics are simple and devoid of shine.


Do not be afraid to try new things. A beach house always gives a relaxed feeling. This article has provided some beach house furniture ideas that have been used and can still be used. 


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