Best Bedroom Office Setup

You might consider a bedroom office setup if you fall under those who work from home. Waking up and heading to your desk to have some work executed at your convenience without having to drive down early to a physical office is relieving. You have more control over your environment with fewer interruptions.

Although, working from home requires discipline to ensure more productivity. However, creating a bedroom-office combination might be the best option if you don’t have a separate space to turn into an entire office. Creating a functional and stylish bedroom office setup requires planning and creativity.

Whether you have a big or small bedroom, the following are a few things to consider for the best bedroom office setup.

13 Best Bedroom Office Setup Tips

Having a great bedroom office setup is about finding functional and elegant furniture pieces and decor that fit your space and inspire you to work without distracting your living area.

Creating a home office out of your bedroom becomes much easier if you have the extra space. Design and planning become more important when you have a bedroom and office in one room and do not want one space to surpass the other.

Place Your Desk in an Outward-facing Position

Place your desk towards a window or wall to ensure a great view. This is because when you go back to your bed, you’ll be less tempted to take a quick nap while looking at your bed. You will also enjoy the natural daylight with a perfect view of the outside world without being lonely.

If you do not have wide spaces, you can go for a desk with less storage, especially if you don’t keep many physical documents but more online activities.

Get the Appropriate Chair

Purchasing the right will go a long way in providing support and comfort while you work. You can choose good motion chairs with good ergonomic design and lumbar support. With this, you are good to go even if you work longer hours. Getting the right chair will also add to the beauty of your bedroom office setup.

bedroom office chair

However, if you have a small bedroom that cannot accommodate some types and sizes of chairs, you can opt for a stool replacement.

Demarcate the Areas

You might want to separate and distinguish your working area from your bedside. You can keep an apparent physical space between your bed and work desk if you have a large room. Setting a work start and finish time can also make you more productive.

However, you can install a curtain to separate the work and sleep areas. Opening and closing the curtain will serve as a border, just like an office cubicle or corner.

You can also use room dividers or a block piece of furniture to create clear boundaries.

Consider Multipurpose Furniture as Options

If you have a small bedroom space, you might want to consider a piece of furniture that can serve dual purposes in saving more space. For example, you can add a desk for a dressing table and an office desk. This will save you more time and space. You can also opt for a desk with drawers and shelves or a corkboard used as an inspiration board.

multi-purpose furniture

Balance Your Decor

To keep your work and sleep areas separate, ensure you create a cohesive look with coordinated furniture. Opt for furniture that doesn’t contrast too much to develop a sense of unity and cohesion. For example, opting for a desk with the same design as your wardrobe will look uniform. This eventually adds to the beauty of your space.

Ensure You Have Maximum Storage for Better Focus

It would help if you stayed tidy and organized whenever you’re working in a multifunctional space like a bedroom office, as every corner and inch of the room is critical. You can’t afford to stay distracted and unmotivated in a cluttered space.

To be on the minimalist side, you might want to scan all your documents to your computer or laptop and carefully arrange and keep your paperwork on your shelves and file storage. This will reduce the number of physical paper files and other workpieces flying around your space.

To ensure a clutter-free desk space, you can opt for intelligent storage or cabinets to hold items (like books, chargers, and files) and provide an office and work-life balance.

Consider an Appropriate Lighting Scheme

Working in a space with brighter light can increase productivity and awaken your mood. Low or dim lights can affect your eyes but induces drowsiness and relaxation. You can make the best use of natural light by working in the daylight, as natural light improves your mood, increases productivity, and reduces eye strain. You can place your desk near the window by opening the blinds and glares to enhance natural light.

Aside from using natural lights, you can opt for another artificial light source, such as desk lamps and overhead lights (warm and bright).

Consider a Colour Scheme

Select and stick to other furniture colors in the room, ranging from your artwork and accessories. Create a uniform color balance, as this will help to give a better vibe, inspiration, and overall beauty in the room. For example, the color of your artwork complements your bedframe color or your shelves and wall in the same color.

Opt for a Minimalist Scheme

Use a cohesive and warm minimalist approach to avoiding Clutters. Opt for sleek and minimal furniture pieces to give enough free, airy, and bright space. For example, you can purchase a folding desk that can be tucked in whenever it’s time to sleep.

white ceiling

Use a Murphy Bed

Murphy beds are ideal for small or multifunctional spaces like a bedroom or office. You can quickly put this type of bed away whenever it’s time to work and pull them out back whenever it’s time to sleep! It also gives extra space whenever you put the bed up and into the wall, thus reducing the temptation to work in bed.

Consider a Gallery Wall

Creating an inspirational and motivational environment with beautiful pictures on the wall is helpful. You can adopt a visualized board approach with unique prints and images. For example, you can use an art print or sculptural work, reflecting your personality in return.

Balance Furniture Scale

You need to consider the scale of the furniture pieces you pick, as it can affect how you use your bedroom office space. If you have limited space, do not opt for something too high, big, or oversized. Use low and leggier furniture pieces which gives more freedom on the ground. It provides a more open impression in the room. For example, you can go for a bed lifted off the floor and level with the desk.

Consider the Number of People Using the Space

You need to consider if you will be the only one using the space or with a friend or partner. When you have an answer to that, also feel the needs and preferences. Design the bedroom office according to your space to ensure comfort and a serene environment.

Best Bedroom Office Setups You Can Choose From

Some of the best bedroom setup plans include;

Built-in Bedroom Office setup

If you have ever considered built-in shelving, there is a great chance to make one portion into a desk. Built-ins provide excellent floor-to-ceiling storage space.

You can sacrifice a small amount of that storage space by planning for a desk to be built in, too. This way, the entire wall is dedicated to an office space.

Cool Natural Bedroom Office Setup

Almost every apartment has this weird little corner that does not make itself available to be furnished.

Sometimes those corners in your bedroom can make up for a perfect workspace. A desk, a chair, and shelves turn this small cubby into a useful and productive area.

Loft Bed Bedroom Office Setup

Some bedrooms are too small to contain both a desk and a bed on the floor. Lofting your bed can create a perfect solution. You can place a desk under your bed with your newly found square footage. This bedroom office setup is cozy and clever, making it ideal for college students who work from home.

Loft Bed Bedroom Office Setup

All-in-one desk setup

Furniture is a great piece to start from if you are commencing with an empty slate when building a bedroom or office. A simple plan is an all-in-one desk with attached shelves and a printer stand. You can set it up against a bedroom wall, and it will build its area. Set it with a low-profile chair to create more space.

Guest Room bedroom office setup

Some people feel they need to choose between having a home office and a guest bedroom in the same space, but you can incorporate those spaces into a multi-purpose room. Set up an office for work, but have a fold-out sofa for guests in the room. When guests are not around, you can always use it for a little nap.

Innovative Bedroom Office Combo

Many people choose to put their beds against the wall. Perhaps, you do not mind a creative furniture layout; you can combine your bed and your office desk.

Instead of a normal headboard, a desk is built directly onto the back of this bed. This is a brilliant option for a bedroom office setup for a studio.

Angles and Corners

Make good use of corners and angles in your room. Not all rooms are a perfectly squared form. Some rooms have more geometric shapes, which can be difficult to furnish.

If you have one wall that is a little short, it can be a great spot for a desk. This one will be adjacent to a window to give it great natural light.

Walk-in Closet Office

A walk-in closet is great if you have many clothes and accessories. But if you do not, it can feel like an abandoned space. Converting a walk-in closet into a home office is a great way to use every inch of space in your room.

Walk-in Closet Office

Murphy Bed Bedroom Office Setup

A Murphy bed is a bed you can close up into the wall.

When the bed is closed, your room will look like a typical dedicated office. When it’s time to sleep, open the cabinet and pull the bed down.

This is an excellent solution for a small room. Also makes you focus better, whether at work or sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions on bedroom office setup and their answers.

Is it OK to have an office in the bedroom?

According to productivity experts, one of the simplest and most important ways to work productively is to avoid your bedroom during working hours. Your room is a place for relaxation.

If you bring your work into that space, your brain and body might associate it with productivity, making it harder to sleep, or your brain adapts to the relaxation and lessens your productivity.

Where should a desk be placed in an office?

Place your desk fairly close to a natural light source. Some like to face the window, but if it looks to be too distracting, put the desk adjacent to the window.

What makes a good office space?

An open space. Open up the office so you and your staff can enjoy the space freely and move around without the fear of bumping into desks and filing cabinets. Also, an open office space makes it easier to communicate.


There is no compulsory way to structure a bedroom office setup, but this article has insight into how to make the best out of your bedroom office space.


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