Burrow Couch Review: Everything You Need to Know

Sometimes, picking the right couch for your space and use can be overwhelming, as there are numerous brands, colours, fabrics, and retailers to choose from. You might also have to put into consideration: comfort, price, size, shape, pet, and stain resistance. A brand that gives value to all your worries is Burrow.

Burrow is a top leading furniture company in the United States, specializing in creating a wide range of furniture and decor, such as sofas, chairs, shelving systems, coffee tables, rugs, and pillows, among others, without compromising quality, affordability, and convenience.

Burrow couches are available in different sizes and shapes that suit your purpose. They are reportedly known to be stain-resistant and pet-proof.

I will recommend the Burrow Nomad sofa to my friends and family as it is comfortable, easy to carry, and easy to remove stains. Its modular features make it unique and fit into any space. Aside from Burrow having to produce more fabric and colour options, the piece is highly recommendable.

Burrow Couch Review

Burrow Couch Pros and Cons

The Burrow Couch is the best option if you want a Couch that is easy to assemble and disassemble and changes with time as your needs change.


  • Its modular design makes it easier for you to update and change to meet your evolving needs.
  • Very easy to assemble as the sofa gets installed together as a whole with no additional tools.
  • It is technology-integrated with a power plug and USB port.


  • Limited to only one style, in varying lengths.
  • Limited fabric selections and leg stain options.
  • Limited complimentary items.

Burrow Materials and Design

The Burrow collection is specially designed and consists of consistent parts shared by each collection piece.


The newly redesigned legs are made of Parawood or Asian Oak. They are about 5-1/2” long and have three finish options available, which are: a light Scandinavian, a dark mid-century stain, and the classic matte black.

They have a hardware base that makes it easy to install into the bottom of the couch without additional tools.


Its frame is made from sustainable pinewood that originated and was produced in the United States. With Burrow’s consistent philosophy and model, the frame is modular, with a separate frame for each seat.

The frame allows easy seat addition or subtraction for sofa transportation and is also based on your home’s unique needs.


The Burrow seat is usually 5” thick and 17” from the floor to the seat top. Burrow uses 1.5-pound density polyurethane foam with a 33-compression rating.

Compression rating here is usually determined by measuring the cushion compression degree. Whenever you sit on the seat, the higher the compression degree, the firmer the seat is. In relation to comfort, these materials result in a slightly firmer feel.

The Burrow seat has two available style options: tufted or un-tufted. The cushions can easily be flipped for easy and frequent changes of style.

There are five different fabric choices you can choose from, which are all made from stain-resistant olefin, a synthetic polymer.

The colour options include:

  1. Beige
  2. Brick Red
  3. Crushed Grave
  4. Navy Blue
  5. Charcoal

N.B: You cannot select a custom fabric with any pieces in the Burrow collection.


Burrow’s arms are usually high or low. The arms of Burrow are of the mid-century modern style with an angle slightly facing towards the outside.

For a softer look, they have a flat top with radiused corners.


Like the Burrow seat, the backs of the Burrow couch are also 5” thick. They are made from the same 1.5-pound polyurethane foam with a 28 compression rating for a soft texture.

The back cushions have stain-resistant fabric for a uniform appearance.

How to Assemble a Burrow Couch

It would be best if you read the following tips in learning how to put a Burrow Couch together:


Based on the piece you order and your skill set, assembling a Burrow Couch takes approximately 15-20 minutes. In addition, no additional tools are needed to assemble this couch besides the hardware included in the piece.


Burrow Couch does not require heavy lifting; they can be easily carried or moved by an individual as they are usually shipped in multiple square/rectangle boxes.

Each module latches together at the bottom and is usually locked in place with levels that can be accessed from the front. To add or remove a module, you must unlock the unit, unlatch the bottom, and pull it apart.

Burrow Couch USB: Smart Sofa

All Burrow pieces are smart technology integrated. On the underside of the sofa, a power pack that plugs into the wall is placed there. Standard plugs or USB charges can be plugged in from the underside for smaller accessories, like phones or cameras. A powerful handheld vacuum cleaner can be used to clean the couch cushions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs being answered relating to Burrow couches.

Is Burrow Affordable?

Burrow is not a cheap brand; its items cost over $1000. However, the quality and durability match the prices these pieces are being sold at.

How Long Does the Shipping Take?

With Burrow, free shipping is usually available on all orders. The average shipping time from your purchase to your order is around two weeks or less. Afterwards, delivery usually takes 2-5 business days and is shipped with Ground UPS.

Burrow Couch is usually designed and fit for packing in several boxes that can go through a standard door size. The boxes are 37x29x15 inches. Each box weighs around 50 pounds. Depending on your order type, you’ll receive 1-5 boxes.

Is It Easy to Transport?

An individual can easily carry the Burrow couch without any hindrance. It is easier to carry through the doorway or staircase.

Is It Easy to Assemble?

It is easy to assemble and takes approximately 20 minutes. The instructions in the guide made it more straightforward to build. No extra hardware is required. However, it requires extra strength to join the arms to the seat.

How Comfortable is It?

The sofa is super comfortable, relaxing, and very stylish. It does not tend to sag easily and is a well-padded sofa. The seat cushioning makes it soft and inviting.

Is It Easy to Clean and Remove Stains?

After accidentally spilling several drops of coffee, I can confidently say its stain-resistant fabric is easy to clean, leaving no outstanding marks. It is recommended by Burrow to first test a small portion of the fabric with your cleaner whenever you need to clean the sofa.

How Many Configurations Can Be Made With the Sofa?

The Burrow sofa is designed to work together or in parts. The sofa pieces have mechanical connections in which you can omit any seat for a configuration such as a smaller space.

Burrow offers upgrades or add-ons, such as a moveable chaise, sleep kit, ottomans, and lumbar pillows. As great customization, the chaise can be used on either side or in the middle.

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