Decorating Mistakes You will Regret and How to Fix it

While decorating your house, you can make a mistake and may not realize it due to unprofessionalism. There are several decorating mistakes you shouldn’t make at all, and these mistakes would not make your home beautiful.

Any decorating mistake could include; rushing paint choices, blocking natural light, and more. Anybody might overlook these errors, but any interior decorator would immediately pick them up. Even some who are not decorators might pick on these mistakes.

This is the perfect article to help you turn your decor mistakes into successes. We explain some errors and provide solutions that would help you fix them.

Decorating Mistakes You will Regret and How to Fix it

Decorating Mistakes People Make and How to Fix Them

People often make a decorating mistake or another when they want to design their home. It is quite understandable as you are not an expert. This is a major reason we decided to push out this article to guide you.

Below are common mistakes to avoid when decorating your home or anywhere. We also include their fixes in this article.

Buying Furniture based on Beauty Alone

This is one decorating mistake people make. When buying home furniture, it is vital to consider the material and function of each piece of furniture. Don’t just choose it for aesthetics.

One of the top decorating mistakes people make when decorating is purchasing expensive furniture based only on the design. Something may look lovely, but is it practical?

How to Fix

Fixing this decorating mistake is easy. ‘When deciding the decoration of a room, understand the room’s purpose and layout.

For example, kitchens and bathrooms are rooms that tend to have lots of water, so wooden or fabric blinds would not fit in these spaces, but easy-to-clean blinds like rollers or vinyl blinds fit.

Choosing Paint Color Before Packing In

This is another decorating mistake people make. Determining paint colours before moving in is another big decorating mistake. While painting is a thrilling part of house ownership, it should not necessarily be the first thing you choose when planning how you want the room to look.

How to Fix

To fix this, you do not need to worry about how to fix this decorating mistake. Before you settle on a paint colour, decide on your basic furniture like upholstery, rugs, sofas, cushions, and window furnishings first. 

It is understandable to paint once you know which items to furnish the room. Finding materials you love after committing to a wall colour is much more difficult, so by choosing these first, you will have plenty of colours to select from for a wall colour.

Having Too Much Open Storage

If there is one decorating mistake people make, it has too much storage. While open storage has been the best choice for many households, it can often be a decorating mistake as they look messy and overly busy when not designed correctly.

How to Fix

Once you notice this decorating mistake, Use open storage for suitability and the things you love. In a kitchen, have your favourite cutleries on display where it is easier to reach and bring your style into the open. Nonetheless, open shelving is a dust attractor, so do not overload your shelves, and make sure you have closed storage to keep things out of sight so your home is simple and clean. By this, you can avoid this decorating mistake. 

Obstructing Natural Light

Obstructing the natural light can be a decorating mistake for your home. An immediate loss of natural light in your home can harm your quality of life and make your space less attractive. Placing furniture to block windows is decorating mistake.

How to Fix

If you have made some decorations or ordered some from places like Amazon and they obstruct natural light, we can easily fix that. Place mirrors opposite windows to reflect light around your room. Avoid placing furniture in front of windows if they are taller than the windows. Voiles are also a great substitute for curtains due to their sheer material. This is how to avoid this decorating mistake.

Staying Away from Bold Choices

Staying away from bold choices is one decorating mistake many people commit.

Attempting with darker paint colours will add depth and reality to your new home, but many households try to avoid decorating mistakes by being afraid of trying something new. 

While no one wants to make a decorating mistake, being scared to make bold decisions can leave your home feeling bland.

How to Fix

When trying bold colours, try experimenting with a feature wall first. Alternatively, punchy hues through fixtures and patterns, such as a standout rug or vibrant cushion. That is all you need to do to fix this decorating mistake.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some frequently asked questions on decorating mistake and their answers.

What makes a house look styleless?

Bright, white lighting is a fast way to make a room feel washed out, making any potentially unstylish design decisions stand out even more. Dim, minimal lighting, on the other hand, can serve in basements but can also pretty quickly make a man cave feel a bit too much like a real cave. 

What is the triangle rule in decorating a room?

A Decorative Triangle is when you place three items to correlate visually. Once everything is in place, you should be able to draw a line between the items and create a triangle.

How many Colours should I use in a room?

 The acceptable number of colours in a room is three colours. According to the 60-30-10 rule, you should only use no more than three colours in any room. However, you can successfully integrate different tones of these three colours.


There is no certain way of decorating a room, but you must be conscious of making mistakes when decorating your room. It is best advised to call the attention of a professional interior designer to avoid making a decorating mistake. 

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