How to clean my living room in 10 minutes

Cleaning your apartment is a very good thing to do and it does not necessarily need to take you hours to clean your home. Many working classes do battle with doing house chores and we have a solution to help you clean your house faster within 10 minutes.

Are you having a hard time cleaning your home, or you are expecting guests in some minutes and you need to tidy up, this hack will help you clean your house in 10 minutes?

Clean your living room in 10 minutes

If you are lazy to clean or you don’t love to clean because it is time-consuming, I am happy to break it to you so that you can clean your house real quick and you will love it. Read the steps below carefully to clean your living room within a few minutes, this hack can also be used for your bedroom, kitchen, and dining.

cleaning living room

Get your cleaning supplies ready

It is very important you get all you need to clean your living room together to save you time and make them easily accessible during cleaning. Looking for them during cleaning will waste your time. Some of the common items you need for cleaning are a sponge, microfiber cloth, paper towel, broom or vacuum, and all-purpose cleaner.

Get rid of anything that does not belong to the living room

Before you start cleaning, you need to put off everything that does not belong to the living room like the show, toys, and so on. Also, pick dirt like paper, nylon, and others from the floor to make things easy for you while cleaning.

If you have cloth or you are a blanket user, kindly put them where they belong.

Spruce up the couch

Clean the pillow and the couch cushions, and use a damp clean rag to clean your leather surface. You can also use a handheld vacuum to go over the couch.

Fluff the pillows and couch cushions and if you have a leather couch, grab a damp rag and spot-clean the surface. If you have time, you can grab a handheld vacuum and go over the couch once or twice.

Dust all areas and corner

Dust will always find their way into your house, make sure you dust all areas, especially corners to get rid of all dust. Kindly use a nose mask when doing this to protect your nose. Dusting your house will get rid of insects like spiders.

Vacuum or sweep the rug

Use the vacuum to clean the rug to remove crumbs and other dirt. Rugs do accommodate crumps a lot especially patterned rugs and you can easily miss some spots. You need to use a vacuum or sweep often to take care of crumbs and keep pests away. If you don’t have time on your side, you can clean the area and do deep cleaning later.

vacuum cleaning

Clean the floors

The flooring is filthy. They gather filth, grit, crumbs, and dust. We occasionally drop stuff on our bad floors, which may quickly turn into a sticky disaster. Even after several cleaning attempts, residue sometimes remains. Bugs are aware of this and will use it to the fullest. Take a sponge in your hand and dunk it in some warm, soapy water. If there are any sticky or noticeable areas that the vacuum missed, go over them.

Spot-clean glass surfaces

Spray some glass cleaner on a rag after grabbing it. You will use less clean as a result of doing this, saving you money. Additionally, it will let you focus on the filth and splatters that are more evident on the glass. Furthermore, since you have already been dusted, there shouldn’t be a significant problem with lint getting all over the place.

When you have finished all of these tasks and have some extra time, take that bin that contains the living room’s clutter and put it away. If you don’t have time, however, you can store it in a room or a closet that visitors won’t enter.

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