Modern Farmhouse Decoration for Modern Lifestyle

Modern farmhouse decoration is the contemporized version of traditional farmhouse decor, combining a country stylish sense and contemporary design. The brighter version involves mixing a sense of warmth and a relaxed feel into a functional and physical space, turning it into a comfortable place to live in.

The modern farmhouse decoration trend is modern and minimal and showcases higher-end materials, cleaner lines, and an overall sleeker look. It shows the difference between the past and present for a sophisticated style ideal for a contemporary home.

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Difference Between Traditional Farmhouse Decoration and Modern Farmhouse Decoration

Trends are ever-changing and evolving in the interior design world. A trend inspires and evolves into another. That’s the same with traditional and modern farmhouse decor. The original and initial decor of the traditional farmhouse decor signifies the past celebration and era.

While the modern farmhouse decor indicates the present and future, the updated version suits our modern lifestyle and contemporary homes. It is minimal, with fewer complaints and fewer trimmings.

In addition, the modern farmhouse decoration still uses traditional natural materials and rustic elements, including some modern touches, such as glossy white marble countertops and sleek industrial lighting. Also, antique pieces are still barely used.

Modern farmhouse decor is known to have a sleeker look and finer lines. They are different from the traditional farmhouse because they are designed to give it a contemporary look and are more comfortable to live in.

Armstrong in a statement stated that “streamlined sofas and upholstery are emerging, alongside cubist-shaped tables and geometric light fixtures.” If you will love to adopt a modern decor for your farmhouse, here is the full details on making it happen.

Modern Farmhouse Decoration for Modern Lifestyle

The following are some modern farmhouse trends you should consider for a modern lifestyle:

Pick a Neutral Colour Palette

A neutral color palette goes hand in hand with modern farmhouse decor. The interiors are usually airy, light, bright, relaxed and inviting, featuring nature-inspired tones and textures.

Some paint colors that will blend well on your walls and accent colors for your furnishings are warming beigesgreiges, oaty whites, layer fresh whites, natural browns, and muted greys, with pops of bold hues (think dramatic blues and emerald greens), and black. You can go the extra mile to better understand the different neutral color palettes.

modern farmhouse interior
This showcase an example of a modern farmhouse using a neutral color in the living room.

Work on Natural Elements

You need to consider the natural elements of your modern farmhouse decor space. Traditional farmhouses usually have wood-paneled walls, wood floorboards, and exposed wall beams. You might not need all these featured wood for a modern and minimal taste.

It can be improvised with shiplap cladding, a rustic wood coffee or dining table, or reclaimed scaffolding-style open shelving in the kitchen.

Industrial Accents

The modern farmhouse decor trend has some elements of the industrial decor style. They both share and have a balance of form and function. You can mix reclaimed wood with chunky metals to get a warm yet sturdy style.

A Mixture of Antique and Modern Pieces

You can add some history to your modern decor trend by mixing in some old-time pieces, such as salvaged fixtures and fittings in the kitchen or bathroom, to an old armchair in your living room. You can also recycle some vintage furniture. You can also search for high-quality antique pieces in thrift shops.

Mix Organic Materials

You can combine organic materials like solid wood, metal finishes, polished stones, exposed brick, and woven fabrics to achieve an effortless modern farmhouse look of your taste. For example, you can go for white oak cabinetry and brass fixtures in the kitchen or a sisal rug and cotton-upholstered seating in the living room.

Create a Minimalist Feel and Space

You don’t have to do extra with modern farmhouse decor as less is usually required and enough. Don’t choke the space with too many decorative pieces. Try and make it as simple as possible. Unnecessary clutter should be removed, and ensure every piece should have a designated place and function.

minimalist feel farmhouse
Minimalist feel farmhouse

Embrace Craftsmanship

You can add high-quality handmade and artisanal pieces to portray more character and personality in your modern space.

Enhance Comfort

You should choose colors and materials that give inviting warmth and enhance relaxation. A minimal modern farmhouse decor should feel like home, modest yet stylish and evolved.


As you have read, trends are ever-changing and evolving in the interior world today, which applies to traditional and modern farmhouse lifestyles.

The differences between traditional and modern farmhouse decor are explained above. Modern furniture décor indicates the future!

Although it still uses some traditional materials and elements. The above-stated trends will make it easier for you to develop an excellent modern farmhouse décor without stress.


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