Top Cat Furniture Trend 2022

It is generally known that pets love to be busy. That is why you find them knocking down every item in the house. 

cat furniture is designed to keep their cats busy and distracted from scattering what is not meant to be touched. 

HFG has combined a list of the top cat furniture you can get for your pets in this article.

What is a Pet Furniture?

This is furniture of the 21st century made for animals, pets especially. 

It is easy to forget our admirable pets when we furnish our apartments. Getting little versions of furniture matching those used by you just for your cat or dog might be a bit unreasonable, but most of these pieces of cat furniture are valuable for people and their cats.

Some of this furniture is made for dual purposes. The rocking chair and dog house sofa give your pet a comfortable place to relax beside their owner. Others, like the overhead cat house or fish tunnels, are only useful for pets rather than people. 

However, they might make your pets more lively by making their home environment more active. Cats love tight spaces to hide and crawl around in, so it seems like they might enjoy most of these pet furniture pieces.

Types of Cat Furniture 

Over the years, there has been a lot of cat furniture being created and has been purchased and used by pet lovers. These are some trending pet furniture in 2022 that you can get at relatively affordable prices for your pets at home. 

life Bedframe

What can you do to make your bedroom your cat’s favourite place? Pet lovers have often asked this question. The answer is a bed frame made by a company called CatLife. 

They make pet furniture that doubles as an adventurous cat’s dream. Naturally, the bed frame looks like a hollow base with circular entrances at each end of the frame. 

It has plenty of space for your cat to stretch underneath your bed. When you lift the mattress, it reveals an elaborate maze to keep your cat engaged.

life bedframe

The frame also has two compartments with a splattering of tiny paw-sized gaps that could either be peep-holes or a little trap for unsuspecting paw swipes. Your ankles will not like it, but your cat will love the adventure.


This cat furniture, carved in the shape of the sun, is a small but sturdy floating cat bed built from pinewood.

 In a related fashion to their other pieces of cat furniture, MyZoo lined Solar with a slotted resting platform for the safe jumping of the cat. Ideal for small spaces, solar provides a resting spot and jumping platform for your cat and creates space in the meantime.


Unlike large cat towers and stringy rubbing pads, Solar does not take up any ground space and easily mounts to any wall in your room.

Since cats love heights, MyZoo figured Solar was the best pet furniture for both worlds. A space-saver for cat owners and a comfortable spot for cats.


Float is designed by Furmia. This pet furniture is a flatpack cat tower with built-in scratching pads that can be arranged in just a few steps. 

There are four levels in it. Float is a flatpack cat tower with integrated components like scratching posts, and mobile seat rests. 


Following a client’s specifications and criteria, Float was constructed to blend into any modern home.

Taking on a Scandinavian-inspired broad look, Float achieves a minimalist profit through natural, unstained wooden rods and cool; grey felt cushions. It is relatively cheap and convenient for cats.


This pet furniture, mainly for cats, is defined by two sets of wraparound bannisters that support three levels of cushioned laying areas.

Cats walking through the centre walkway locate the first resting layer where they can fully use its area.

Then, accessible through a central closet, cats can climb up to the second tier, where they can relax high above the ground to look out over their home space.


On this pet’s second-level furniture, cats are covered on all corners with a roof, floor, and walls, giving a feeling of privacy. 

Lastly, cats can climb through another central cavity to reach Ara’s overlay, an open-air level where cat owners can pet and show their feline some love while they rest.

Cat Scratcher

This furniture was designed by a Korean. It consists of two scratchers made from birch wood and fabric. The scratchers are made to overlap each other beautifully. The scratchers are held together by a base platform and ledge while creating a snug hollow space for a seating spot. 

cat scratcher

Cats love it as it is made with furs that are comfortable for cats. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some frequently asked questions about the latest pet furniture in 2022.

What is a Pet Bed?

They can be used for resting during the day and sleeping in at night. Unlike the ground, a pet bed will keep your dog warm, support arthritic joints, and prevent calluses. And unlike a couch or human bed, pet beds are spaces that dogs can have all to themselves.

What Kind of Bed Do Dogs Like?

The standard dog bed is a perfect blend of soft and firm surfaces. Your dog’s individual needs will deduce what beg is a perfect fit. For example, soft, memory foam beds are best for senior dogs with aging joints, but harder beds may be better for puppies. 

What Kind of Furniture is Best With Pets?

Leather furniture is sturdy, comfortable, easy to clean, and the overall best type of furniture for pets. Most people are worried their pet’s sharp claws will punch leather furniture. However, quality leather is too thick and tough for an animal’s claws to punch.


Pet furniture gives the pet the best comfort and engages them. Different pet furniture ranges in price. So depending on your budget, get your pets suitable and trendy pet furniture. This article has suggested some of the trending ones for you.


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