Polywood Furniture Review: Everything You Need to Know 

Polywood is durable, all-weather withstanding, easy to maintain, and eco-friendly furniture designed for exterior use. It is a heavy-duty wood that can be used in place of hardwood. It is designed to withstand external elements such as in a garden.

Polywood is made of Polywood lumber made from HDPE (High-density polyethene). HDPE is a thermoplastic polymer made from petroleum.

HDPE is one of the most multi-functional and long-lasting plastics because of its high strength-to-density ratio. They are highly recyclable plastics from which high-quality and durable products can be born. They are eco-friendly and are usually made from recycled consumer wastes such as old cutting boards, shampoo bottles, etc.

They are pest-resistant as termites and other rodents, and insects are usually not attracted to them. Polywood does not absorb moisture, making them the best choice for outdoor use.

Polywood comes with a long-term warranty, usually 20 years. They come in various chairs, tables, benches, dining sets, gliders and swings, conversation sets, etc.

Like other types of furniture, Polywood has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s dive deeper into the pros and cons of Polywood.

Polywood Furniture Review

The Pros of Polywood

Some of the benefits of Polywood and the reasons why people keep buying them are:

Highly Durable

Polywood made out of poly lumber is all-weather withstanding; that is, it can resist all weather conditions(sun, heavy winds, snow, heavy rain), either good or harsh. No wonder it’s best for outdoor use. Poly lumber doesn’t crack like wood or rust like iron. In addition, they do not attract termites, rodents, and insects. Poly-Wood is a high-grade piece of furniture that does not require a moisture barrier or insect repellant to keep them safe. They do not absorb moisture. All these unique features make Polywood last a lifetime.


Poly lumber is usually 100% recyclable. The lovers of environments and eco-friendly products will no doubt love Polywood furniture. Unrefined HDPE materials are usually made out of consumer wastes that are highly recyclable, like old cutting boards, shampoo bottles, detergent containers, grocery bags, pipes, and so on.

Instead of disposing of these materials in landfills or the ocean, we can see that they can be reused, beneficial and safe. With Polywood furniture, you can still get the feeling and look of using hardwood without having to cut down trees in the forest.

Over the manufacture of a piece of furniture with poly lumber, the leftovers can still be recycled to make something new. With every purchase of Polywood furniture, you are saving the earth!

Requires Low Maintenance

Polywood Furniture barely requires any maintenance. This is a result of its material not rotting, cracking, or rusting, and is generally unbreakable. They are easy to clean with soapy water, little bleach, and a bristle brush. You can also deep-clean with a pressure washer.

Polywood Furniture can withstand low and high temperatures and all weather types. They can be left outside throughout the whole day. The infused colour prevents scratches and chips from showing up. They can withstand chlorine, mildews, and saltwater.

Unlike other products, Polywood furniture does not need to be coated or waterproof. The colouring in Polywood is usually infused with UV stabilizers to prevent fading. They do not fade, crack, or break easily over time.

Beneficial in Terms of Colour and Design

Polywood Furniture can retain colours very well as the colours are usually evenly distributed all over the area. They can be filled and saturated with either natural or vibrant colours. They are usually infused with UV stabilizers that prevent fading. Dings and scratches are also unnoticeable on this furniture.

In addition, poly lumber can be easily shaped and designed according to a user’s taste, either modern or old-school. Polywood Furniture sometimes appears natural or authentic wood when properly sculpted and well-embossed.

The Cons of Polywood

As there is no perfect product, Polywood also has its own shortcomings. Some of them include the following which we discuss below.

Quite Expensive

Although Polywood furniture is a long-term investment, they are usually sold at high prices compared to other furniture. Quality outdoor furniture is usually expensive as they are usually well made and durable. If you currently have a low budget for outdoor furniture, you might have to patiently save up if you want your furniture piece to last you for years.

Extremely Heavy

Polywood Furniture is usually very heavy and not easy to move around. HDPE is thick and strong plastic. Although Polywood is unlikely to get blown away, it cannot be easily moved by an individual because they weigh more. It can be very exhausting if you like to reorganize your outdoor area.

Stiff and Rigid

Polywood Furniture is usually rigid. For example, the chairs do not always conform to your body. They are not usually soft. Therefore, you must like the feel, if it is comfortable for you before buying them.

Gets Too Hot

It can heat up when Polywood is placed directly under the sunlight for too long. Therefore, you must place them in positions with lesser hot temperatures as they cannot be easily moved.

Polywood Furniture Cost

Polywood Furniture is usually very expensive than other furniture types. This is a result of its HDPE material, which is durable and stronger than other plastics. Polywood Furniture is eco-friendly and of high quality.

They are long-term outdoor furniture investments. They are usually worth the purchase as they can last for years.

How to Clean Polywood Furniture

After purchasing Polywood furniture, you might be wondering how you can clean and maintain them well. We are here to tell you cleaning Polywood Furniture isn’t stressful or hard, as it is of high quality. With soap and water, you can have them cleaned.

In addition, with low pressure, electric or gas-powered pressure washers can be used to clean them. However, you can follow the following steps to disinfect, sanitize, and ensure optimal hygiene of your Polywood furniture:

  • Add your dish soap to a bowl of warm water.
  • To remove all dirt, soak a clean cloth or rag into the mixture and gently rub it on the surface of your Polywood furniture.

Whenever the above steps do not eliminate thicker dirt, you can apply these steps:

  • In a new bowl, combine 1/3 of bleach and 2/3 of water for extra cleaning strength. A little bit of soap can also be added if you like.
  • Soak a clean cloth or rag into your bleach and water mixture, then gently rub on areas with thicker dirt.
  • Afterwards, do not wipe off with a dry cloth immediately. Allow the bleach and water mixture to settle well on the furniture for a few minutes to help soften the thick dirt. This doesn’t affect the furniture’s colour.
  • Scrub the thick dirt with a soft bristle brush to loosen and eliminate them. You can use smaller brushes for hard-to-reach areas.
  • When you are sure, the thick dirt is completely off, rinse the Polywood furniture with water. Ensure you rinse properly to remove the soap and bleach.

Aside from the above-listed steps, there might be cases in which your Polywood furniture is left unused for months with ultra-thick dirt, moulds, and mildew growing on them. In this case, you should follow these additional steps to clean your Polywood outdoor furniture:

  • Use an electric or gas-powered pressure washer (If you don’t have one, you can rent one from stores)
  • Ensure your pressure washer does not exceed higher than 1,500 psi. You can also add soap or bleach to the water.
  • Ensure the spraying wand faces ultra-thick dirt, mould, mildew, and grime.
  • Ensure you rinse your Polywood furniture properly after removing the dirt.


This article shows that Polywood furniture is high-quality, durable, and eco-friendly furniture made from plywood lumber. They are easy to maintain but expensive and heavy. They are a good form of long-term outdoor furniture investment.

Polywood Furniture is highly recommended if you can patiently save up before making a purchase. They are seen in chairs, benches, lounges, gliders and swings, dining sets, conversation sets, bistro sets, and so on. With Polywood furniture, you rest assured of quality and durability.

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