Tips to Make Your Home Look Bigger

A home is meant to be comfortable and well spacious. A lot of homes start out to just house a couple or more, and then along the way, children come along.

The house that once looked so big now looks so small, and it is normal for you to want it to look much bigger.

Also, you can face the challenge of dealing with small spaces due to several items you might want to bring into your room. This can be annoying as you must deal with many things flying around this limited space.

However, there are ways to manage and make your home look bigger than it is, even with your small space.

4 Tips to Make Your Home Look Bigger

The following are tips and methods to make your home look bigger:

Tip 1: Use Quick Staging Techniques 

Eliminate Clutters: Clutters reduces your floor and wall space and makes your area rough and trim. Getting rid of Clutters does not imply throwing away your precious items; it simply means arranging and keeping them out of sight in a creative way. For example, you could put them on shelves, baskets, drawers, tables, desks, etc. You could place a book on a table, making your space appear prominent.

Allow Natural Light In You can open your curtains, blinds, and windows to allow more light in as much as possible. Ensure your window is clean to allow enough light in. This will make your home appear more prominent. 

Also, remove every obstruction that can block light from flowing in. Avoid heavy and thick curtains; instead, go for light and airy ones that won’t stop the natural light from entering.

Move and Arrange Your Furniture: You can move your furniture pieces around if they occupy more space. This will give more floor space around them. You could transfer your furniture pieces to the center, at angles, or the sides of the room. In addition, you could take some details out of the room if there is little floor or wall space.

Illumination With Lamps and Lighting Fixtures: Ensure your room has more lamps and lighting fixtures and keep them on permanently. It will make your room appear bigger.

Placing Accent Piece: As accent pieces look exciting and inviting, put them in the corner of every room as a focal point. You can place them far away from the door. For example, you could place a flower vase on a dresser.

Tip 2: Select Size-enhancing Furniture 

Choose Furniture With Legs Rather Than Base: You can go for tables, chairs, and sofas with legs rather than base. This is because the visible space beneath this furniture will make the room appear more spacious. Look out for furniture pieces that are up off the ground.

Opt for Multi-functional Furniture: You can choose furniture that can serve double functions. Multi-functional furniture can help you maintain more floor and wall space, making your room look bigger. For example, you can get a desk with shelves on the side.

multi-purpose furniture

Opt for 1 or 2 Large Furniture Pieces: Buying one or two pieces of furniture can make a small room look bigger, as these pieces create a sense of space. For example, you could place a long dining table in the dining area.

Choose Clear Furniture Pieces: Clear furniture like a clear end table, a clear dining set, and many more can make a small space look bigger. This is because you can see through it, creating the illusion of space. 

If you have no access to the clear furniture piece, you could go for items in the same color palette as your space. For example, if the wall color is light green, you could also go for light green furniture. This will make the room look spacious.

Tip 3: Use Decorative Touches

Choose Curtain Colours That Will Make Your Ceilings Look Higher: You could opt for curtains that go from the ground to the ceiling area or from just above the window to the ground. Ensure you get curtains in the same colour palette your room intends to appear. Such as a light blue curtain for a light blue room.

You could also get similar colours in the palette if you do not want your curtains and walls in the same colours.

Position a Mirror: You can place a mirror properly in every room to make them appear more prominent. Mirrors are good view reflectors and help manoeuvre the eye into the perception of increased space. 

You could place a mirror opposite windows or on the wall at the entrance of your home and a full-length mirror in your bedroom or an accent mirror on your living room shelf. Another option is to purchase in-built furniture mirrors, such as a dresser with an attached mirror.

Opt for Rugs With Smaller Prints and Solid Colours: Rugs with small prints and solid colours in the same palette as the room colour can make a room look bigger. You can go for rugs that are darker than the walls and ceilings. This will divert your eyes and create a sense of space.


Neutral Colour Palette: You can paint and decorate your home with shades such as off-white, nude, beige, and tan. These colours help enhance your room size; if you are not a fan of a neutral palette, you can opt for light blue and green, which are also good colours for enhancing your room size.

Tip 4: Remodel Your home

Add a Window or More: To ensure maximum light, you could install more windows or expand existing ones. More natural light will make your room appear bigger.

Paint Your Ceiling With White or Bright Colours: A ceiling painted in white will shine brightly, catch attention, and make the room bigger. Aside from white, you could also paint in bright colors such as yellow, orange, lime green, etc. It would be best if you choose paints that are lighter in shades than wall colors.

white ceiling

Use Striped Flooring: You can opt for striped patterns for your home’s flooring. They create an illusion of a bigger space. For example, you could go for black and white striped flooring.

Remove Doors: Lastly, if there are doors that may appear irrelevant in your home, removing them can increase the space in your home. For example, a door to the dining room.


Read and picture these tips and apply them to your home. You are on a journey to having a more spacious and comfortable home!


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