Valyou Furniture Review: All You Need to Know About the Company and Its Furniture

Valyou Furniture is an online furniture store that seeks to create beautiful spaces with trendy and evolving high-quality furniture designs at budget-friendly prices. Based in Oahu, Hawaii, they manufacture beautiful furniture that suits your space, is comfortable to use, and is easy to assemble.

Valyou Furniture has a few showrooms in Hawaii and the Western US. They have a wide array of home furniture which you can typically select any furniture piece from. Valyou Furniture encourages people not to settle for cheap and less durable furniture that will not last long years in the long run.

The company offers reasonably priced designer furniture. As a young brand that has made a name for itself, Valyou offers excellent customer service with a secure buying experience.

Valyou, with its humble beginnings in Hawaii, now has a store extension in the US where affordable and quality furniture is being sold.

Types of Valyou’s Furniture

Valyou Furniture has different product categories they offer. As they expand fast, they come up with new furniture pieces daily. We will list and discuss some of these furniture pieces available at Valyou.

Sofas & Sectionals

Valyou’s most popular products are their Sofas and Sectionals, usually sold at discounted prices starting from $489. Their sofas and sectionals are generally stain-resistant, durable, and comfortable with removable covers. They offer real leather options, pinewood frames, and affordable synthetic upholstery.

Most customers gave great feedback, while those who complained expressed their feelings towards the sofas and sectionals materials, delivery, and returns.

vouyou sofa and sectional

Pros: The company offers a wide selection of highly rated sofas and sectionals.

Cons: Some shortcomings on the sofa and sectionals construction, delivery, and returns.

Beds & Bed Frames

You can create a beautiful, warm, and cosy space with Valyou Beds & Bed Frames. They have a solid wood frame with sleek ash or walnut frame as the most popular option. The headboard usually features leather or linen upholstering.

Valyou’s bed frame is handmade with love, durable, and easy to assemble. It takes 30mins max to assemble. You can get a quality bed for as low as $489.95.

bed and frame

Pros: High-quality bed and bed frames available at affordable prices.

Cons: Some customers experience difficulty in assembling and delivery issues.

Accent Chairs

Valyou offers affordable, trendy, durable, and sophisticated accent chairs. Their fabrics are usually anti-scratch in nature. The plush chairs (with a lot of cushioning with microfiber blend fabric) are their most popular options. They also offer upholstered leather seats with great designs.

With a covered warranty, you can get great Valyou accent chair options for as low as $300-$500.

Pros: High-quality accent chairs with modern designs and great value.

Cons: Customer service and delivery issues.

Dining Tables

Valyou’s dining tables are usually minimal and modern in style and design. There are several options suitable for your dining area and kitchen space. Some of their popular options can comfortably fit 4-6 seats. Some are made with materials with wooden accents with glass (marble-like) stone surfaces.

dinning table

Pros: Made with high quality and modern style at affordable prices.

Cons: Sometimes late delivery and damage upon delivery in some cases.

Coffee Tables

Valyou’s coffee tables are usually smooth, durable, stain-proof, and easy to clean. You should know that these tables are often low to the ground and polished with fine lines, adding to their modern beauty. The popular options feature painted wood, composite wood, metal materials, or varied veneers.

These coffee table designs are usually modern and contemporary. You can get a quality small coffee table for as low as $200 with great overall value.

Pros: Modern and trendy designs with affordable prices.

Cons: Delivery delays and reported damage as of when delivered.

More Valyou’s Furniture Pieces Options

In addition to the above-listed products, you can purchase other furniture pieces from Valyou 2022 catalogue:

Valyou Customer Experience Review

Regarding customer experience, it has been reviewed that customers were impressed after receiving their furniture in a complete form. At the same time, some complain bitterly about an extended delivery period after making their orders. Aside from this, some customers went ahead, giving complaints about their refund payment being left unattended after cancelling their order.

Above all, many customers still appreciated the company’s quality product, delivery, customer service, and shopping experience.

Valyou Product Material Quality

Valyou offers high-quality products at prices lower than average to their customers. As the brand keeps evolving, its shortcomings and quality strength are revealed daily. Valyou has a section on its site with transparent customer reviews on its exclusive products. The combination of adequately sourced materials determines their overall product quality.

For example, Valyou’s sofa is made with a combination of these quality materials: pinewood (frame), ash wood & metallic paint (legs), HD dense & soft foam, soft fibre blend (filing), linen, Egyptian cotton, and microfiber (fabric).

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