When Is the Best Time to Replace My Furniture?

One beautiful thing about furniture is that they do not have an expiry date. Unlike food and other items that can expire or become unusable after a couple of months, furniture is pretty much different.

You can use furniture for as long as 7 to 15 years, and it would still be in good shape if you used suitable maintenance methods. However, just like other things, there will always come a time when the furniture needs replacing.

When is the best time to replace my furniture? How do I know that it’s time, you might ask?

Well, that’s what we’ll discuss below. Let’s begin.

When is the best time to replace furniture

What is the Average Lifespan of Home Furnishings?

An average lifespan of home furniture is the statistical measurement of the time your furniture is expected to be in good shape before the need to replace it. The life expectancy of furniture largely depends on the material used for making it. Below are the home furniture and its lifespan:

Sofa 7-15 years
Upholstered Chair 7-10 years
Wooden Chair 10-15 years
Dining Room Table 15-20 years
Coffee, End, and Occasional Tables 5-10 years
Bed Frame 15-20 years
Chest of Drawers or Dresser 10-20 years
Desk 15 years
Office Chair 7-10 years
Metal Patio Furniture 10 years
Wicker and Rattan Furniture 10 years
Mattress 5-10 years
TV Console 5-10 years

When Is the Best Time to Replace My Furniture?

The best time to replace your furniture largely depends on the type of furniture, how long you have used it, and much more. Let’s go through a few.

Furniture Gets Broken Beyond Repair

There isn’t much to say about this, and you should know it is high time you replace your furniture when it gets broken beyond repair. It takes a lot of time before your furniture can get broken beyond repair, but the moment it does, it means you should change it.

You can read this guide on how to get broken wood furniture repaired.

A lot of things determine how long it will take for your furniture to get broken beyond repair. The wood material, the manner of usage, and a few other things. Once it is broken beyond repair, you should start shopping for new furniture.

Stained Upholstery and Threadbare

This also tells you it’s time to change or get new furniture. You should know that it is high time you get new furniture when the upholstery is stained. You wouldn’t want visitors seeing stained upholstery, so you should change it the moment this happens.

Apart from stained upholstery, you should also know it is high time you change your furniture when it starts being threadbare. Once this happens, you should change your furniture Immediately.

If the Furniture Doesn’t Fit

If you notice that the furniture doesn’t fit its space anymore, you can take it as a sign that it’s time you should change your furniture. You need to observe if the furniture fits. If it doesn’t, you can go ahead and change it. 

Furniture not fitting after a while usually happens to a lot of people. You might get furniture today, and after a couple of years, you might feel it doesn’t fit the space or setting anymore. Once this happens, you should plan to change it.


This is another thing that would let you know when it’s time to change your furniture. Furniture such as sofa, couch and a lot more, are primarily gotten to give you as much comfort as possible. This is the sole purpose of the furniture.

 When you notice that you are not getting the comfort you desire from the furniture or it isn’t giving you the desired level of satisfaction, you may change the furniture as getting a new one might help give you all the comfort you need.

Change in Taste

This is another thing that should let you know it is time for you to change your furniture. This usually happens to a lot of people. They get an item of new furniture, and after a couple of years, they feel it’s time to change the furniture.

When your taste changes, it might be high time you get new furniture. 

What is The Lifespan of Furniture?

When it comes to furniture, the lifespan largely depends on the type of furniture and how you use it. There is some furniture that can last for as long as a century. There is some other furniture that only lasts for like a couple of years. It all depends on the wood, the material, and how you use it.

How to take care of your furniture

A little bit of care and repair can make your furniture last longer and be in a good shape. You can keep your furniture in good shape by paying attention to how they appear and making sure they are in good shape. Follow the tips below to keep your wooden furniture in good shape.

  1. Clean your furniture regularly: Taking your time to clean your furniture is good for you and your furniture. You can wash wooden furniture with a damp washcloth and mid-dish soap to remove any dirt on it. avoid any cleaner that contains ammonia to avoid wood damage.
  2. Polish your furniture: Polishing your furniture put it in a good appearance and protects the surface. Please avoid any polish that contains high alcohol, alcohol can damage your furniture.
  3. Protect furniture from pets: Pets can accidentally damage your furniture or scratch it. Use a protective pad, chair cover or fibre table cloth on wooden furniture.
  4. Dust your furniture regularly
  5. Keep out of direct sunlight: Direct sunlight can damage your furniture and fade wood surface.
  6. Use a trivet for hot dishes: Hot dishes can melt furnishes and unwanted burnt marks. Protect your furniture with a natural fibre table cloth, oven mitt or trivet.
  7. Avoid standing water on your furniture
  8. Avoid placing a coffee maker under the upper cabinet

Importance of maintaining your furniture

Broken down furniture can pose injury risks or health risks for you and your family. Also keeping your furniture in good shape is great for aesthetic reasons.


Different things would let you know when it’s time to change your furniture, these things ranging from taste to the furniture being broken and more have been discussed in this article.

We have also discussed furniture’s lifespan so you wouldn’t have to worry. With a read-through, you will know the perfect time to change your furniture.


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